Overcoming complexity to put The Abu Dhabi Municipal Regulator back on the front foot


The Department of Municipal Affairs for Abu Dhabi (DMA) recognised the need to embrace good asset management practices to ensure delivery of world-class services to citizens and businesses within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. They also understood the impact of having an infrastructure deficit on developed countries such as Australia, UK and USA and wanted to prevent this from becoming a financial burden to the Abu Dhabi Government in the coming years.

The DMA turned to our Advisory experts due to the team’s success in supporting the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority in becoming the first Gulf organisation to achieve PAS55 Asset Management certification. Our trusted engineering consultancy and deep history of infrastructure design and supervision meant that we were perfectly positioned to support the DMA in shaping their asset management approach


We quickly mobilised a local team of Asset Management experts to work with the task force created from representatives across the DMA and the Municipalities. The team was formed from both our local and UK asset management resource pool. We worked hand in hand with DMA representatives:

  • To capture gaps in their current practices and set new standards by benchmarking local and international organisations
  • Establishing the line of sight from the DMAs strategic objectives to the management of the Municipalities asset base and overall customer experience
  • To standardise asset management decision making practices whilst being culturally and geographically sensitive to local conditions.
  • To develop a business case that clearly articulated the benefits in embedding the framework
    and the enabling IT solution.


The Abu Dhabi government set a galvanizing new vision for the Municipal Regulator to provide “an advanced Municipal system that enables sustainable development and enhances quality of living for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi”. Our working partnership has put them back in control and preserving the municipal assets and infrastructure will secure the future of Emirate, for its citizens, businesses and visitors alike.

The new robust and transparent practices for investment planning could deliver as much as 30% in cost savings to the DMA, across the whole asset life cycle. They have moved from a reactive state to one which is informed through best in class advanced data analytics, planned decision making processes, led by ambitious, aligned and highly competent staff.


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