Boosting infrastructure growth in South East Asia


The governments of Sri Lanka and Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) have recently established a private and public partnership (PPP) Unit within their Ministries which will coordinate their PPP initiatives. These will facilitate large infrastructure projects and create an enabling framework with clear processes and policies to drive such project forward.

Atkins Acuity was engaged by the World Bank in Sri Lanka and by ADB in Lao PDR to assist in enhancing the environment for implementation of PPP infrastructure projects. Advise was needed on how to set up the unit, its key business processes and how to create a project preparation facility for the pipeline of PPP projects in various sectors such as transport, energy, water, aviation and maritime, tourism and social infrastructure to be developed in each country.


Working together, Atkins Acuity organised workshops to provide valuable insights in developing a PPP organisation from scratch, based from real and first-hand experience in building a PPP Unit in the Philippines (  

The team also assisted the PPP Units in engaging the implementing agencies / line ministries and introducing to them the concept of PPPs. Having the implementing agencies fully engaged and on-board is crucial to success of PPP projects.


The team delivered a comprehensive report for each government, containing a recommended structure and business plan for the PPP Unit and defining key processes and relationships with other PPP stakeholders.

The team also reviewed the revised PPP guidelines drafted by the PPP Units giving recommendations for improvements. These guidelines will be the basis for PPP procurement in each country.

This work is creating the foundations of governance that will boost infrastructure investments in both Sri Lanka and Lao PDR.


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