Complete end-to-end strategic advisory services to realise Sub-Saharan Africa’s SE4All vision


The "Sustainable Energy for All" (SE4All) initiative aims to achieve the following 3 objectives by 2030: 

  • ensure universal access to modern energy services, 
  • double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency
  • double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

The EU supports the SE4All objectives and places a strong emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa where the needs are the greatest. As a result it has created a Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) to support developing countries, which are committed to reach the SE4All objectives and to significantly scale up investment in the energy sector.

The specific focus of our work is on access to sustainable energy efficiency and energy supplies to facilitate the implementation of key investment projects.


We are working closely with each of the countries to undertake the following activities:

  • Initial stocktaking and establishing national energy sector policies and provision of advice on sector regulation. This activity will assist the partner countries to identify energy access, supply and efficiency strategies and policies - including renewable energy readiness assessments where they are lacking. 
  • Capacity building in policy and regulatory framework: this activity will improve individual and institutional capacity through tailor-made support to respond to the priority needs of the targeted countries.  This will include developing the capacity through training on the implementation of feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, project facilitation, funds’ mobilisation, sector policy and financial reforms etc. 
  • Technical support in programming and preparation of projects. This activity will assist beneficiaries to undertake options appraisal, assessment technical feasibility, environmental and climate risk and impact and economic assessments (including cost benefit analysis) for the elaboration and design of energy studies, programmes and projects. 
  • Mobilization of funds and facilitation of partnership, (including assessment of PPP opportunities). 
  • Industrial and technology cooperation. This activity will aim at capacity building and development guidance documents and training programmes in the beneficiary countries on modern technological solutions, their comparable advantages, their construction and maintenance, with a special focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies


The specific objectives of our work are to provide assistance to the East and Southern African countries to increase their administrative and technical capacity for sector policy analysis, development and implementation to accelerate and implement effective sector reform policies. The project will run until December 2017.

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