Designing a new sustainable infrastructure for Egypt Fayoum’s wastewater expansion


Global infrastructure investment needs to 2030 are estimated to be over $50 trillion by an EBRD funded study (World Bank estimate is over USD 1 trillion per annum). The lack of well-prepared bankable projects to cover these needs is identified as the main reason behind the ‘global infrastructure gap’ being experienced currently in many countries. Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (IPPF) has been established with an objective to improve the efficiency and replicability of infrastructure projects for the benefit of bank’s clients. It will do this by greatly reducing time to mobilisation of consultants through the use of 'call-off' framework consultants to deliver project preparation, over an initial three-year period from 2015-2018.

Each ‘call-off’ project will have a budget of €200k to €900k –to be awarded through mini-competition on the framework, with small tasks under €75k awarded directly. The sectors to be covered are roads, rail, ports, airports, logistics, water/wastewater, solid waste management, urban transport, district heating and cooling

Atkins Acuity is the lead advisory partner on ‘call-off’ project to support El Fayoum on their complex wastewater expansion project. Our appointment was in part due to experience and success in advising on a similar project for Kafr El Sheikh Wastewater Treatment Plant where we lead and delivered a Feasibility Study in Egypt. In addition to this specific project experience we have also developed strong, high value and trusted relationships with a range of clients in Egypt, including the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater, European Union, EBRD and EIB


To deliver this work we will be working in partnership with a local partner, Chemonics, throughout the analysis and implementation phases.


Even though the project is still in its infancy, the major targets and objectives for the wastewater expansion project are already established.

  • We expect that the outcome of this project will connect 800,000 inhabitants to the sewage treatment system and thus alleviating environmental and public health hazards
  • The EBRD, our funding client, will receive a technically feasible, economically viable, environmentally sustainable and bankable project to take it to the next stage of design and implementation.
  • A significant increase in our end clients wastewater management capacity, including resource capability, data modeling and analysis and future project investment prioritisiation


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