Enabling the Sri Lankan Government to mitigate against climate change impacts


Sri Lanka is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Extreme weather events have been recognised as a priority issue for the Government of Sri Lanka and they recently obtained a Credit from the World Bank through the Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP). 

There are two components under this contract. Component 1 aims to improve the understanding of the climate risk, enhance the country’s knowledge base and capacity, and develop a long-term investment plan to mitigate floods and drought risks in ten river basins. The final output of this component would be the development of detailed structural and non-structural drought and flood risk mitigation proposals and investment plans together with the flood and drought risk knowledge bases for the ten (10) basins. 

Component 2 aims to advise on and implement urgent climate risk mitigation interventions of irrigation and transport infrastructure and schools damaged by recent floods and landslide events. Preparation of feasibility study for those selected interventions forms part of the Phase 2. 


Through open and committed partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka we will be delivering the following services:

  • Develop a rigorous and comprehensive flood and drought risk assessment in the selected river basins
  • Identify structural and non-structural risk mitigation interventions and develop investment plans in the selected river basins
  • Conduct feasibility studies for the prioritised interventions
  • Build the technical capacity of the GoSL staff so that there is a sustainable and effective resource model to support the continued management and delivery of our recommended intervention programmes
  • Develop effective risk communication tools in order to facilitate the use of such information for current and future development planning purposes.


The contract was commissioned in May 2016 and we are already working with our client to achieve the forecast completion date for Phase 2 is May 2019. 


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