Promoting sustainable development in Malawi


Funded by the World Bank as part of the Southern Africa Trade and Transport Facilitation Program (SATTFP), we were commissioned by The Ministry of Transport and Public Works in Malawi to undertake a nationwide Transport Master Plan. The aim is to develop a multimodal transport strategy to promote sustainable development in Malawi for the period 2017-2037. The primary objective of the study is the development of a National Transport Master Plan to guide the sustainable development of an integrated multi modal transport sector over the period 2017 to 2037.  The study will identify requirements for the sector in terms of the transport provision required for freight and passenger services under each mode and necessary inter-modal transfer facilities. 


As part of the partnership with Roads Authority of Malawi (RAM) we were asked to fulfil the following services 

  • To review of the current legal and regulatory framework for the transport sector
  • To provide recommendations of the role, structure and capacity of the institutions/organisations responsible for the transport sector in Malawi
  • To deliver a rigorous assessment of the current condition of the infrastructure
  • To develop a full assessment of the sustainability of current road sector financing arrangements
  • To complete a rigorous transport network assessment in light of demand, function and available funding


  • Through our end-to-end advisory solutions we are able to support the Government of Malawi in determining a way forward through discussion and stakeholder meetings. We provided clear prioritisation of investment options, consistent with current and projected demand, the expected financing capacity of the country, indicating clearly opportunities for private finance, for each land based mode. 
  • We are supporting his with the planning and delivery of financial and technical assistance to undertake the investments, regarded as critical for development of the transport sector in Malawi, for the short, medium and long term


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