Realising the vision for Turkey’s future transport infrastructure


Improving transport is a priority for Turkey’s economic and social development. In recent years Turkey has made significant investments and arrangements to improve and diversify its transportation, and now, Atkins Acuity is playing a vital role in helping to drive this forward and turn vision into reality. 

The overall objective of the project, funded by EuropeAid is to contribute to Turkey’s efforts in maintaining sustainable political and economic development as an accession country and to support broader integration of Turkey within the EU’s transport networks. The purpose of our work is to prepare a National Transport Master Plan which will facilitate development of a sustainable, safe, secure, accessible, inclusive, fast and technologically innovative transport sector and transport infrastructure that will support competitive logistics and increase the welfare of the Turkish citizens and competitiveness of Turkish economy.


Working as part of a consortium team led by Egis International (France) with partners, WYG Turkiye, Armada (Turkey), Panteia (Netherlands) and Systema (Greece) we have been asked to:

  • Develop a national multi-modal transport modal using data from a national data collection exercise being undertaken as part of the study. 
  • Following the base year model completion, we will be using the model to forecast travel projections and to assess transport measures in the short term (2017-2023), medium term (2024-2030) and long term 2031-2036.)
  • As part of the strategy development, we have been asked to lead on aspects relating to the planning and modeling of Intelligent Transport Systems and Aviation. 
  • Our work also involves utilising the outcomes of the National Masterplan to inform the development of guidelines for Urban Transportation plans. Atkins are leading on this element of the project in the later stages of the project.
  • As part of the work, Atkins Acuity are providing the Ministry with institutional support in the form of technical modelling training. 


As part of initial immersion phase the contracting authority team was invited for a week’s training session at our London offices where they learned the principles of transport modelling. The visit was well received by the client team and demonstrated our continual commitment to true partnership.


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