Bringing 14 Southern African states together to achieve their water supply and sanitation strategy


We were commissioned to lead the development of a regional framework for water supply and sanitation planning to facilitate 14 SADC Member States and the Southern African Development Community to achieve their Millennium Development Goal. It is working with fourteen countries over Southern Africa including Tanzania and Malawi. The required framework is built on five thematic components, each addressing the sector challenges - financing, institutional strengthening, infrastructure development, monitoring and reporting, and information and knowledge management.

We were chosen for our unique combination of technical expertise and programme management skills. It was clear to the SADC that through this experience would translate theory into actionable solutions and positive results for stakeholders involved.


The partnerships built through this programme were twofold: at regional level and at national level. At regional level Atkins (as programme lead) brought together 14 countries across the southern African region through sharing of best practise and challenges, participatory workshops and peer-to-peer learning trips. 

Through these activities strong partnerships where formed between countries facing similar challenges. At a national level the programme brought together ministries of finance, ministry of statistics and ministry of water to build lasting partnership at ministerial level.   


The key achievement of the project was the development of a regional water supply and sanitation framework across the whole of the SADC region. The sustainability of water supply and sanitation infrastructure is often a combination of the choice of appropriate technology and the institutional and management which supports it. We developed best practice guidance on technology choice and institutional arrangement, which take into account different country contexts. These documents have helped to shape national policy.

The services provided by our staff include desk studies, field visits and studies, interviews with stakeholders, meetings and workshops, alongside a comprehensive assessment of the water supply and sanitation sector. Alongside the water supply and sanitation framework, project deliverables included reports, regional workshops and draft MoUs. The key outputs included:

  • Detailed financing strategies and tools,
  • Stronger, more efficient and strategitc institutions, 
  • Clear and considered sector investment planning 
  • Modelling and implementation of M&E systems 
  • Smart information management and sharing systems.


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